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Teens Need Money Skills To Succeed in Life

Bryan Knutson's Money Skills Workshops give teens knowledge and tools to make smarter financial decisions.

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Expert Instructor

Money Skills was developed by Bryan Knutson, Certified Financial Planner, after years of providing financial education to people of all ages and income brackets. The core concepts remain universal for everyone. Competence increases confidence!

In-Person Only

Our focus is providing in-person sessions where users collaborate with the instructors and participants.  We are proudly independent, with no drive to sell products or have sponsors.  We are fully conflict-free, and  focus our attention on user knowledge over making sales.  

Money Skills provides a practical foundation to help our participants develop a productive financial future. We provide fundamental instruction on core financial concepts, such as savings, credit usage, budgeting, basic investing- stocks and bonds, and risk assessment.

Foundational Knowledge

How Important Are Good Financial Habits?

Gen Z is facing a complex future. Young adults born after 1996 lived through the financial crash of 2008, COVID after high school, supply chain issues and runaway cost-of-living increases. Even their first adult decisions about higher education and credit can leave them with life-impacting debt. Drowning in an ocean of online entertainment, today's teens need guidance to navigate their futures.


A recent survey found that 58% of teens incorrectly believed the best way to save for retirement is to put money in a bank account, instead of utilizing an investment strategy.* The difference between a credit card and debit card eluded 32% of teens. Only 26% felt confident about their financial education. A shopping spree habit is one of many financial pitfalls. Therefore, teens need to understand budgeting and saving, credit, retirement saving, and basic investing.

debit card
Pocket money

Money Management Basics Workshop Benefits

A study found that only 1 in 3 teens have the skills necessary to manage a bank account.** However, they may soon face complex situations such as student loans, budgeting their paycheck and saving for retirement. While all Washington high schools offer a financial literacy course, it is not a graduation requirement. Take advantage of the benefits of Money Skill's Money Management Basics Workshop, including:

  • Learn the benefits and risks of using credit for spending choices

  • Understand how to structure budgets to reach saving and spending goals

  • Develop a system for separating wants and needs to make informed spending choices

  • Learn how credit scores help you make smart borrowing decisions

  • Recognize how interest rates work for both your benefit on saving and detriment on borrowing

Investing Basics Workshop

GameStop, a favorite brand of young people, was subject to a short squeeze in 2021, causing damage to hedge funds and huges losses for short sellers. Buying a stock because all your friends are doing it is a quick way to go broke. The nuances of cryptocurrency and retirement savings often allude young people. Teens who take our Investing Basics Workshop will:

  • Learn the differences and similarities between stocks and bonds

  • Research public companies that participants respect and determine how they have performed

  • Understand the difference between passive investing and active investing, and where both may apply

  • Learn about what impacts stock performance, both at the macro and micro level

  • Consider the benefits of a long-term approach and the power of time to help reach goals

Stock chart for investing


of adults do not budget


of wealthy families are likely to lose their money by the 3rd generation


of Seattle homeowners are house rich and cash poor


of money is at risk if no one is managing it.

Money Skills Reviews from Teens

These images are AI generated to protect the identity of our workshop participants.

Dollar Notes

Save $100 on the Bundle

Build a brighter financial future with our Money Skills Workshop Bundle. Save $100 versus buying each workshop separately. 

  • Achieve Your Goals: Learn how a disciplined approach can help you reach both short-term and long-term financial goals.

  • Master Saving vs. Investing: Understand the key differences between saving and investing to make smarter financial decisions.

  • Boost Your Confidence: Gain the confidence you need to make informed money choices - now, and in the future.

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes: Discover how to avoid poor financial decisions that can lead to frustrating outcomes.

Teen female student - AI-generated image
Kate - age 14

 I have had trouble in the past because I quickly spent all the money I earned.  The class helped me see how money can grow over time if we stay focused on what we really want and how discipline can help us spend as soon as we get paid.  The budget workshop was a big help to see how I can reach a goal if I stay focused.

Teenager boy - AI-generated image
Alex - age 13

I liked learning about stocks, and seeing how they can grow over time but can't get frustrated if they go down for a while.  Bryan showed us ways to see how our stock choices have done over time, and we saw how any stock we chose can have good times and bad so we need patience.

Teen girl - AI-generated image
Jean - age 14

Life is expensive.  I didn't realize how much parents have to think about budgeting. Bryan taught us budgeting, investing and saving. I really liked the part about donating.


  • Most Popular - Save $100

    Bundle: Money Management + Investing

    Money Management Basics + Investing Basics Workshops
    Valid for 6 months
    • Save $100 versus paying separately
    • Money Management Basics Workshop: Savings, Credit, Borrowing
    • Investing Basics Workshop: Investing, Stocks and Bonds
    • After checkout, you will receive workshop dates & locations
  • Money Management Basics Workshop

    Savings, Credit, Borrowing and Budgeting
    Valid for 6 months
    • 1.5-hour in-person small group class on smart money habits
    • Savings and budgeting
    • Credit, credit cards and avoiding scams
    • In-person. Puget Sound / Greater Seattle WA USA
  • Investing Basics Workshop

    Investing, Stocks and Bonds
    Valid for 6 months
    • 1.5-hour in-person smal group class on basic investing ideas
    • Stocks and bonds, index funds, investment products
    • Basic research, screening, and risk measurment
    • In-person. Puget Sound & Seattle WA USA

*Source: Junior Achievement and MissionSquare Retirement's Foundation. "Research Shows The Majority Of Teens Are Confident About Retirement, Yet Face Significant Knowledge Gaps." Accessed 5/28/24

**OECD (2017), PISA 2015 Results (Volume IV): Students' Financial Literacy, PISA, OECD Publishing, Paris,

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